Dinty is a newsboy whose fight to care for his ailing mother leads him into conflicts with the other boys on the street. Dinty is a former settlement in Humboldt County, California. A post office operated in Dinty during 1921. Dinty is the man. Dinty is the author of several books, including Between Panic & Desire.  Dinty’s is a pub that serves food and the food is average at best and overpriced at that. Dinty is a prize steer, Dinty is a collector, and would give three ears, if he had them, to get certain scarce items in the coin line. Dinty is a terrific guy at knowing that you don’t have to play all the time, and that with nine people, in fact, it’s really important that you don’t play all the time. Dinty is a good, honest, intelligent, firm, fun man.  But Dinty is not Dinky in any way. Dinty is a master of the short, provocative, helpful status update. While Dinty is a good dog, and will prove it to the public yet, he should have been placed second to Campbell’s Little Dandy. Dinty is a nice person. Dinty is a person who has engendered respect both as a community member but more significantly to us as a family man. Dinty is a writer, teacher, graduate dissertation advisor, director of the Creative Writing Program at Ohio University. Dinty is following 0 people. Dinty is honest, charming and disarming. He’s got a great sense of humor. Dinty is a bit stingy with the beans.

-- this author bio was constructed by entering “Dinty is. . .” into Google’s search engine and extracting the sentences that were offered.